{FF} Bonbon Pastry & Cafe

View of the West Side Market from our front of house table

Thursday morning was not my first visit to Bonbon Pastry & Cafe, but it did remind me of why I so enjoy going there.  And so I thought why not give a little Friday Favorite love to one of my favorite spots to grab a bite in the city?  Proprietor & Pastry Chef, Courtney Bonning, is not only very talented and a joy to chat with, but also has an impeccable grasp of comfortable chic, both in her menu and in the design of the cafe.  If you aren't careful, once inside you may forget you're in Cleveland altogether, and mistake yourself for being in a cozy little European cafe.

My dear friend {and dining companion} and I were seated at a table in the front of the restaurant with an enviable view of the West Side Market which made our visit all the more lovely.  It's hard for me to stray from my order of "Bubble & Squeak", a house specialty of root vegetables, brussels sprouts, bacon and poached egg.  Yes it is as good as it sounds.  It was my friend's first visit, and she opted for the "Vanilla Bean French Toast" which is incredibly decadent and served with sweet corn, blueberries, and blueberry compote.  We tried to show a little restraint by sharing an order of the "Cinnamon Sugar Donuts" served with preserves {which I polished off with my fork after the donuts were gone - I couldn't help it and have no shame}, Nutella, and sweetened mascarpone.  A warm cider for her and coffee {attentively warmed as needed by Bonbon staff} for me accompanied our breakfasts.  Their full menu is just delightful and French Press coffee crave-inducing.  And I simply could not leave without picking up a forearm-sized Chocolate Eclair to take home, the majority of which {again couldn't resist taking a couple bites myself} my husband happily devoured for breakfast Friday morning.

Quite possibly my favorite thing about Bonbon?  That charming space of theirs can be yours for your next special event.  They'll create a menu just for you and have a full liquor license.  Entertain the idea of entertaining your guests there and then check out their catering info here.  And for God's sake go get yourself some French Press & an eclair!

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