A Shi Shi First - A Thank You Note From A Wedding Guest!

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, but we promise it's only because we've been so hard at work with workshops and weddings!  Photos of all of that coming soon, but today we have our first ever thank you note from a wedding guest!  Margaret & Tony were married last Saturday, 5/21, and on Monday morning I had the following note in my inbox, via Margaret, from one of the wedding guests.  It's such a first for us to receive such a note, that we had to share it here with you! 

Dearest M.,
Just wanted to let you know that your wedding was fabulous in every detail!  You were so beautiful, and your groom was so handsome.  Your dress was even more elegant on you than in the pictures you'd shown me last year.  The venue was extraordinary--such a classy set-up for your tables, right down to the little daisy vases that also held a card informing us of your donation!  So sweet!

Although keeping this list narrow is difficult, I wanted to give you just a few of my favorite details:

  • The crepes!   They were SOOOO tasty, and such a fun touch!
  • Your wedding  cake.  Graham especially loved it--totally different style from anything  we've seen that was perfect for your event!
  • Best appetizers  I've ever had at any event, wedding or otherwise.  Period.   The sushi/seaweed cups were our favorites--we kept chasing the lady around for  more!
  • Cannot believe that  you offered Kettle One and Grey Goose.  You are  amazing!
  • The hearts of palm  in the salad.  They are my fav, and it was a delicious  touch!
  • The band ROCKED the  house--Graham and I cannot get over their voices!  We had more fun  dancing at your wedding than any we've been to!
Hope you are off and away and enjoying each other's company.  Thanks for letting us share your special day with you!



Thank you Alana!  And thank you Margaret for sharing this with us!  It was a fantastic day from start to finish - we loved every minute!