A Chichi-er Shi Shi!

Great growth is likely to bring great change, and we here at Shi Shi Events have grown a LOT over the course of the 2010-2011 seasons!  With more Wedding Planning & Design clients than ever and the addition of our Lights, Sound, & Swag division our calendars have been packed leaving our schedules bursting at the seams, and 2012 doesn't show any signs of slowing.  Being in our sixth season and looking forward to what's shaping up to be a fabulous seventh, we know all of this growth means we needed to make some changes in how we function so that we stay at our best and brightest for you!

{What does that mean?}

We're experiential people over here; we plan and design your wedding using a tactile, sensory based, color outside the lines approach.  It's through our experiential approach that we're able to create ridiculously personal, high style weddings.  That's why couples choose to become Shi Shi brides & grooms.  So it's safe to say we feel pretty claustrophobic when we're faced with too many spreadsheets and check boxes, but we know they have their place in the planning process for sure.  What a conundrum.  We took a look at our existing planning documents and saw opportunities to rework them in a way that keeps us creative, and you fully and uniquely on track.  So several of the newly improved planning documents we've introduced streamline your process by putting your documents in a central online location accessible to you and us anytime, anywhere.  And our revised planning timeline document lets us check off all of our necessary boxes in a timely fashion, and also customize to do lists and payment schedules to your individual planning process.  You won't find any cookie cutter, one size fits all here.  In the end, you get the best of both worlds; an open minded, slightly left of center, style savvy design house that knows how to keep things black and white as needed.

Secondly, since I haven't quite mastered the art of teleportation, a lot of you are going to be seeing a lot more of/hearing a lot more from Shi Shi Events' Associate Planner, Katie.  Katie's been with us for two years now so she's definitely down with all of our systems and philosophies.  She knows what you Shi Shi girls need and how to get it for you, so she's going to be giving it to you on a much more regular basis.  With Katie taking on more of the black and white elements of the firm, that leaves me much more time to focus on the not so black and white creative whatnots, and keeps my schedule from being spread to the max every. day.  (The latter for which I am and I know you will be SO grateful.)

So that's what's what around here!  We know this growth and these changes mean nothing but wonderful, spectacular things for us, and your planning & design process with us.  And, we can't wait to get them fully implemented with our current 2012 couples as well as introduce them to all of our new Shi Shi brides & grooms!


Best Music Inspired Wedding Moments of 2010-2011

Our 2010-2011 wedding season brought some of our all time favorite musical moments; from Fleetwood Mac and Sting on strings for a bridal processional, to iconic album covers as table names, and our amazing "Love Actually" inspired "All You Need Is Love" ceremony surprise, they each brought a beautifully personal touch to our couples' wedding days and gave us truly inspired moments.  Take a peek at our favorites.

Becky & Bob were married last October and hosted their reception in the Music Hall at the House of Blues.  LOVE this shot of the two of them in the Prayer Room at The Foundation Room inside HOB!

We also loved the bridesmaids' jewel toned dresses, each with a different complimentary bouquet from Vase to Vase to show off their color choice.  ♥♥♥

It was a fantastic party, and being at the House of Blues we knew we wanted to incorporate music in a way that made sense for the venue without being over the top.  We chose to do this by naming each of the guest tables after an iconic artist/album.  Some of our favorite selections?  Fleetwood Mac, Elton John, and Prince.  Guests' names were listed on the back of the album cover like a track listing and a mini sized album was placed on the guest tables so they could find their places.

Margaret & Tony were married in May and hosted their reception at The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum.  Margaret & Tony not only had some wonderful music-centric elements to their wedding design, but also used one of our favorite color palettes ever!  The colors for the day were yellow, persimmon, and navy; a truly striking combination (but we'll post more on that later).  Our guests got a taste of what to expect from their evening straight out of the gate with a save the date inspired by a concert promo poster.  We absolutely LOVED this! 

Here are some fun shots of our bride & groom and their bridal party pre-reception from Making the Moment Photography.

Margaret & Tony also decided to incorporate music into their guest table assignments.  Each table was named after a song title including a number (i.e. "Love Potion Number 9") and we had over 20 tables of guests!  Here are a few of our favorites: 

This last music feature is up there in terms of our most emotional wedding moments.  Bride, Mandy wanted to surprise her groom, Scott with a real life version of one of their favorite movie scenes.  We worked very closely for months with Scott & Geoff at Jerry Bruno Productions to pull off this "Love Actually" inspired surprise.  Watch this video from Z Media for our version of "All You Need Is Love".