Day Of Coordination - The Best Way to Ease Wedding Day Stress

Day Of Coordination services are the absolute best way to ease wedding day stress!  By having an independent event planner on hand to work with the venue and vendors on your wedding day, you can be assured a smooth running, flawless event.  On site coordinators and other wedding vendors have long praised the benefits to having an independent event planner the day of the wedding as it allows them to focus on their specialty be it photography, catering, or entertainment instead of handling all of the details and of the minute situations that arise.  Your end result is a blissful, stress free wedding day!

Parents appreciate an independent planner the day of the wedding as well! Because we're handling the details, timing, guest flow, and bridal party and family organization, they can relax and enjoy the party.  Many parents and couples have indicated how much more comfortable they were having a planner act as their central point of contact for the day, rather than having to run around to find this person or that person while they'd rather be enjoying the wedding. We do all of the running around for you!

Shi Shi Events' Day Of Coordination services include one planner and one assistant on site for up to 300 guests and the following outlined items, in addition to many others detailed in our service contract:
Wedding day itinerary assistance
Distribute bouquets, boutonnieres, programs and favors to bridal party and guests
Organize bridal party and families for ceremony processional and reception introductions
Cue music and musicians
Facilitate and organize guest flow through ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception
Coordinate the evening's activities including first dances, cutting the cake, etc.
Transport gifts to designated family vehicle or hotel suite

Day Of Coordination services ease wedding day stress and are reasonably priced to suit couples of all budgets.  Shi Shi Events customizes Day Of Coordination quotes based on many wedding factors.  Contact us today to find out how we can make your wedding day stress free!


Summer Internships with Shi Shi Events

In recent weeks we've received many inquiries regarding whether or not we accept summer interns.  While we do accept interns, we have already made our selections for this summer and are fully staffed.  If you are a freshman, sophomore, or junior in college, please keep us in mind for next summer.  We wish you good luck in your internship search this year, and in all of your college endeavors.  Thank you for your interest in Shi Shi Events, and have a great summer! 


Our tips requested for Jerry Bruno Productions site

I am very pleased we were contacted by Jerry Bruno Productions to offer our favorite planning tips on their website!  You can view my comments below, and be sure to check out Jerry Bruno Productions at www.jerrybruno.com.

1. Make it personal! Your wedding should be completely reflective of the two of you and not a reflection of things you think you should do because your mother, sister, or best friend wants you to. The more personal the wedding, the more memorable it becomes for your guests!

2. Location, location, location! Choose a location that shows off your personalities, there are many fantastic venues to choose from in Cleveland and beyond, it’s just a matter of uncovering the perfect one for you!

3. Know where to splurge and where to skimp. While choices like entertainment, photography, and food should be splurged on, other items can be skimped on based on your preferences and priorities without the event losing impact.  

4. Keep everything in perspective. Ideally, this will be the one and only time you plan your wedding – try to take everything in stride and enjoy the experience! Let the little things be just that – little things!

5. If you’re going to give favors to your guests, make them edible. I can’t tell you how many couples rack their brains trying to think of a creative little trinket, and the truth is, if they can’t eat it, usually the money spent is wasted. Make your favors favorite treats of yours and they will be a huge hit with your guests!


The New Site

So the new site is in its final stages and as I type I can't wait for it to go live!  While I've never been a blogger before, I think this is going to be an interesting addition to the site.  In this section you will find my little musings on life and weddings, plus some useful information like tips for planning, or answers to some of your trickier etiquette questions.  And every now and then, there'll be updates on the company or any feature articles where you can find our comments, like in the February 2008 issue of Long Island Bride & Groom.  If you're in the New York tri-state area, check it out!  And if you're not in the New York area, you can always order a copy online at www.longislandbrideandgroom.com