Our tips requested for Jerry Bruno Productions site

I am very pleased we were contacted by Jerry Bruno Productions to offer our favorite planning tips on their website!  You can view my comments below, and be sure to check out Jerry Bruno Productions at www.jerrybruno.com.

1. Make it personal! Your wedding should be completely reflective of the two of you and not a reflection of things you think you should do because your mother, sister, or best friend wants you to. The more personal the wedding, the more memorable it becomes for your guests!

2. Location, location, location! Choose a location that shows off your personalities, there are many fantastic venues to choose from in Cleveland and beyond, it’s just a matter of uncovering the perfect one for you!

3. Know where to splurge and where to skimp. While choices like entertainment, photography, and food should be splurged on, other items can be skimped on based on your preferences and priorities without the event losing impact.  

4. Keep everything in perspective. Ideally, this will be the one and only time you plan your wedding – try to take everything in stride and enjoy the experience! Let the little things be just that – little things!

5. If you’re going to give favors to your guests, make them edible. I can’t tell you how many couples rack their brains trying to think of a creative little trinket, and the truth is, if they can’t eat it, usually the money spent is wasted. Make your favors favorite treats of yours and they will be a huge hit with your guests!

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