{FF} Best Way to Spend a Summer Night

Last night Joe and I hosted some friends for what I hope will become a summer tradition at our house; a movie night under the stars.  To me, there is nothing more decadent than sprawling out on the grass, all cozied up in a blanket, and watching a movie, all the while listening to the crickets and enjoying the nighttime breeze.  There is a luxury about it I can't fully explain that is endlessly appealing.  And so it went, our little group enjoyed the last rosy daylight hours, had some food and drink, and then settled in on the lawn for a private screening of "True Romance".  {A little Tarantino never hurt anyone.}

I love that my husband, production wizard that he is, is able to provide us with such a set up.  It fills my heart with so much joy and warmth to see those I love enjoying themselves.  The simple pleasure of it all is just perfection.  Our backyard may not look like this one {from the pages of Apartment Therapy}:

But as far as I was concerned, my view last night was perfect: 

I hope you too are soaking up the last bits of summer with the ones you love, doing your most favorite things.   

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