The Big 6!

In the whirlwind that is every wedding season, I'm constantly surrounded by the anticipation, last minute nerves, swells of emotion, and joy that are what makes a wedding day.  It really is such a beautiful feeling I'm blessed to share with all of our Shi Shi couples, and it's hard to believe that my own day as a bride happened 6 years ago today.  It seems as though I've only blinked, but yet here we are 6 years later.  So I'm taking some time this morning to remember all that was July 1, 2005; all of the fun with my girls the night before, our relaxing afternoon getting ready, the excitement of getting into the dress, the moments with my dad before those doors to the aisle opened, and the whoosh of the guests as they stood for me that nearly took my breath away until I saw Joe.  The moment I saw him there at the end of the aisle I knew everything was just as it should be, and for me there was nothing but joy and the two of us there in that atrium.

What followed was a raucous celebration that lasted until 2 AM the following morning and continued all weekend with additional events we had planned.  I always tell our Shi Shi brides to be sure to enjoy every moment of the day because you will never again have so much love and joy being thrown at you from so many people all at once all in one room - take it all in, because it's over as quickly as it begins.  I've never published photos of our wedding online, but since I'm in quite the bride state of mind today, here are some of my favorites from the wonderfully talented Steven Mastroianni.

Happy 4th of July everyone!  And happy anniversary to my one and only Schigs.  I love you baby with everything I am, eternally.