"Love Actually" Happens in Real Life

One of my favorite movies of all time is "Love Actually".  It's perfectly romantic and real and funny, and I watch it every holiday season.  One scene in particular is a favorite from the movie; the marriage ceremony of Peter & Juliet where the couple is surprised with a performance of "All You Need Is Love" after they are pronounced husband and wife.  You can watch the scene from the movie here http://youtu.be/1_f5gRCv5eY

So I was beyond excited when our bride, Mandy, told me she loved the movie just as much and wanted to surprise her groom, Scott, with a real life version of the Peter & Juliet's "All You Need Is Love" scene at their wedding ceremony!  Mandy and I worked for months on figuring out how we could get the "scene" to play out right, who we would trust with the music production and filming of the surprise and how we could best work it into the end of the ceremony.  When we reached out to Scott Jones & Geoff Short of Jerry Bruno Productions they were super psyched about the idea too, so we all got straight to work!  Scott & Geoff assembled several different ensemble options from their various groups for us, and Mandy and I selected the final "cast" who would perform the number on her wedding day.  We signed on Z Media to film not only the full wedding day, but the surprise as it unfolded.

All of us were so anxious to see it play out in real life, it was SO hard to keep the secret!  No one but Mandy, me, Jerry Bruno Productions, and Z Media knew what was coming at the end of the ceremony.  Emotions ran high that morning in anticipation.  The ceremony came to an end, the priest announced Mandy & Scott as husband and wife and the surprise began.

As the bridal party exited the church they, along with all of the guests, were cheering, some were crying, all were completely surprised; it was perfect.  For me, it was one of those moments I know I'll always carry with me.  It was all so very beautiful.  A note from Mandy:

"Gina -

On a side note, thank you for listening to me back in June when I shared with you my crazy idea about incorporating a surprise ending into our wedding.  From the moment I told you my dream to end with "All You Need Is Love" in a traditional Catholic ceremony, you supported my idea.  Even when it seemed too big of a task to pull off, you forced me to keep believing in the idea until we could make the dream a reality.

You allowed me to give my new husband, family, friends, and all attending our wedding the best gift ever...a surprise they will never forget.  I have yet to have a conversation with someone that attended the ceremony that didn't bring up the "flash mob ending" (LOL that is what everyone says).  All tell me it was one of the most moving things they have ever seen at at wedding.  For that I am forever grateful.  Thank you Gina.  I appreciate the chance to work with you over the last 11 months.  I hope one day to work together to plan another amazing event.  I'm pushing for a 5 year vow renewal and reception.  I'll keep you posted... :)  Thank you!

From the bottom of my heart,


More photos on Mandy's completely stunning wedding with experience essentials details coming tomorrow....stay tuned!