Joe & I Get Crowned

I have never posted personal photos on our blog, and this may be one of the only times you ever see them featured, but I want to share with you the joy that was Sunday, March 27, 2011.   I chose that day to officially convert to the Antiochian Orthodox faith.  We had been attending Liturgy at St. George Antiochian Church in Tremont for over a year, but I knew the time was right to make it official.  So, that morning I was Chrismated into the faith.  And after Liturgy was complete, Joe and I received one of the most beautiful blessings I have ever seen - an Orthodox Crowning.  The Crowning during a marriage ceremony is a very integral part of the service.  The couple is crowned before God with glory and honor, and the crowns themselves are symbolic of the new "kingdom" over which the couple will rule, as well as serving to remind the couple that marriage is about martyrdom and sacrifice for each other.  It truly is beautiful.

When we were married on July 1, 2005, we had a non-deominational service outside of the church, so our Crowning ceremony did not include the betrothal, but was more of a blessing upon our marriage and a recognition of it within the Orthodox church.  Our wedding photographer (and one of my favorites in market), the fabulous Steven Mastroianni, was kind enough to join us at the church to photograph the event.  Then we joined him at his studio afterward for some more fun shots!  Thank you Steven so very much - we love the images!  Here are some of our favorites.  Have a beautiful weekend everyone!