Stylist Secrets for Your Day Of Emergency Kit

Having a wedding day emergency kit is the standard for every bride-to-be on her big day. Most have the necessary "go to" items like:

-Nail file
-Fabric tape
-Dental floss
-Shout wipes or a Tide To Go pen

We include all of these items and more in our Day Of Emergency Kits, and encourage you to add these often overlooked items to yours:

-Hollywood Behind the Seams ($10/12 shields)
Undetectable disposable shields line the inside of your dress to prevent underarm stains.
-Expert's Choice Shoe Stretch ($2/1.15 fl. oz.)
This spray instantly softens leather to make shoes more comfortable.
-Strap Tamers ($9/6 concealers)
These little clips fasten straps to the shoulder seams of your dress so they'll stay put all night.
-Mighty Mendit ($9/3 fl. oz.)
For use on any fabric rips, torn hems, etc. It sounds funny, but this product has saved the day for us on several occasions!
-Band-Aid Blister Block ($7/1 roll on stick)
This roll-on formula creates an invisible barrier between your shoe and foot preventing blisters from forming.