New Terminology, Same Shi Shi

Today I had a very eye opening conversation that has energized me in ways I couldn't have imagined or anticipated.  In light of this "A-ha!" moment, you will find some changes on our site.  There are now words used to describe our services that aren't typically associated with wedding planning.  In the past, I have been afraid to use words like "brand" or "brand experience" for fear they may not be understood.  There is still that chance that they may not be understood, but these concepts have always been the soul of what we do.  They are what set Shi Shi Events apart from the rest.  And in that moment of clarity today, I found the words and the courage to make our first impression to you, one that shows how different we truly are as a wedding planning firm.  I hope you find the site changes as refreshing as I do, and inspiration in the work pictured.  I am blessed to have many clients who have taken the journey with me, you truly are the reason.  And, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.    

There will also be changes to this blog.  I'll be sharing design musings and planning tips with you, as well as some of my favorite moments from recent weddings.  And, I'll be asking for your feedback.  Send me a planning, etiquette, or design question to info@shi-shievents.com and if you're featured on the blog, we'll send you a little something special as a thank you.  

Enjoy the changes, and we look forward to hearing from you!

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